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Q: How fast does my Internet connection have to be? 4 0

Last updated on May 17, 2019 09:17 AM in VoIP Frequently Asked Questions
Posted ByFranzG

Unfortunately dial-up Internet connections are not fast enough for VoIP. A reliable broadband Internet connection such as dsl or cable is what is needed for high quality VoIP. The minimum bandwidth required for VoIP is 88 kbps in both the upload and download directions. If you are unsure if you have enough bandwidth for VoIP you can use a VoIP speed tester to test your Internet connection. Business users who might want to use multiple VoIP phone lines at once will require more bandwidth than residential users. An easy way to calculate how much bandwidth a business user might need is to multiple 90 kbps times the maximum number of business VoIP telephone lines you will be using at any one time. So a typical small office with 3 business VoIP telephone lines will need (3 times 88 kbps = 264 kbps) in both the upload and download directions. A good rule of thumb is to limit VoIP usage to no more than 50% of your maximum Internet bandwidth to be sure that you are always getting the best quality signal.

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